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Potty Trained Puppy

Oh, isn’t she just the cutest thing you have ever seen? That brand new little puppy you received as […]

Potty Train Your Puppy

Puppy potty training can be a difficult and frustrating experience. The process will require patience and consistent discipline to […]

Puppy Potty Training

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Puppy Training Good Doggie

Puppies are cute cuddly and so full of life throughout the infancy stage. It is at this time when puppy training is vital – because believe it or not these cute cuddly little characters can cause so much havoc in the home – with their outbursts of action packed antics all brought on by excitement. Fun it may be at the time but when you waken to find the remains of a chewed slipper- scratch marks on the furniture and puppy poo to mark the pup`s presence […]

The Importance of Early Puppy Training

That sweet little bundle of fur you brought home for the kids is getting bigger now, and needs to learn some manners. At what point does its nibbling on your fingers stop being cute? When do its “accidents” start being on purpose? How do you know when it’s a good time to start training your puppy? Some experts have recently begun to suggest that the training process starts before the puppy is born. In the past, the prenatal period wasn’t considered in the social development of dogs […]

Puppy House Training It’s Easier Than You Think

House training is something that is vital if you want to have a good experience of being a dog owner. It is a training that should stay with your dog for his whole life so it’s worth getting it right from the start. A lot of people think that this is a difficult task, that it will take months of work, but in reality it is one of the simplest things to achieve. It took me just four days to house train my puppy, to give him […]

Dog Training Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Pet to the Fullest

One of the first things a pet owner should do when they bring a new pup into their home is to consider preparing a schedule for dog training. This is because the earlier you start with the training, the better results you will receive. It is also important to note that there are some breeds of dogs that are much easier to train than others. As a matter of fact, there are some breeds that can be downright difficult. This may be something you’ll want to think […]

3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

There are as many ways to raise a puppy as there are to raising a child. In fact, one way per family in general! But most of us agree that when it comes to children, certain things are universal and undisputed. Here are three things that a lot of people just do not think of when it comes to raising their dogs, however. How many times have we heard, “My dog just won’t listen to me”, or “He just won’t behave!” 1. Dogs do not understand English […]